Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Final character turnaround and 3D model.

More WIP on the final character design.


I have been teaching myself Unity 3D - and have been practising modelling terrain in an editor.

Here is a screengrab of the hand from the third draft of the character model. Happy with this, althought it may have an unfeasibly high poly count.

Something more intricate! This is a model of Manchester Town Hall made in Sketch Up, and finally I have proved that the program CAN make fun, interesting models.
Although being incredibly simple, I have imported some of these models into game engines like Unity, and they can work with a very simple graphical style incredibly well!

3D Manchester Street Scene.

Some buildings in sketch up. Ready to try something a bit more complicated.
Silhouette based character design.

After learning how Valve designed the models for Team Fortress 2, I had a go at this.

The philosophy behind it is that, in a frantic multiplayer shooter like TF2, it is important to know what class you are fighting simply from a quick glance.

Valve therefore designed their characters in shadow - if it was obvious which class was attacking from just the outline, then it was approved.

So I went to work creating something similar, with a good degree of success I feel.

First attempt at modelling my characters head.
Don't know where to start critiquing this. No edge loops, awful symmetry, the horrific anatomy, the nightmares of children...

Some more attempts to create a decent 3D model in sketch up. Starting to think that natural formations do not work. Will have a go at more architectural formations.

Some sketches from early forays into 3D. Sketching and planning an anvil.

More concept sketches.

First full turnaround of my character design.
Changes need to be made: The cheating boxing gloves will be replaced by hands, and the shorts and vest replaced with trousers and a shirt, to really conceptualise the "fighty, oversensitive ruffian" look.

More sketch up images from the level design.

Learning to unwrap 3D models in Max. For some reason I could not get the various sections of the head to combine into one mesh, which would make texturing this significantly harder.

These were some Google Sketch-Up level designs I made for another module. Hardly high quality 3D work, but I feel the program has more promise than some designers give it.

Some further character concept sketches for my 3D model.